Welcome to all users of touchAble 3!

After running successful for 8 years, touchAble 3 is now discontinued!
There will be no more feature-updates but we will continue to support touchAble v.3
with all updates for bug-fixes, compatibility issues, and security reasons.

The latest Server & Script for touchAble Pro will stay compatible with touchAble 3.
If you updated Live to a new Version, please make sure to download the latest Server & Script. You can always find the latest Version of the Install Package in our Mac/Windows Guide section or below.


Server Download

Mac Server & Script:

pkg-icon touchAble428.pkg

Windows Server & Script:

For Windows (64bit): exe-icon Installerpackage v.428 (64bit)

For Windows (32bit): exe-icon Installerpackage v.428 (32bit)

We proudly present the successor of touchAble:

completely redesigned and refined, with many new exciting features, running not only on iOS
but on Android and Windows touch-devices, too!

We dearly recommend you to upgrade your workflow and to
try touchAble Pro!

Download touchAble Pro for your system



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