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touchAblePro_icon is a completely new created app, rethought, redesigned and recoded from the ground up, with lots and lots of new exiting features its predecessor lacks.
In the App Store developers can't declare "upgrade-prices", so there is no way for us to give touchAblePro_icon for a discounted price to the users of the old touchAble v.3 app.
A quantum of solace: There will be ongoing support for touchAble v.3 ...

Yes, you can!

touchAble v.3 and touchAblePro_icon use the same server and scripts ("touchAble" and "touchAble input script").
So, if you have an iPad and a Windows touch-screen, buy touchAblePro_icon for Windows and use it with your Windows touch-screen while using touchAble v.3 on your iPad.
Same is valid if you have an iPad and an Android-tablet ...

If you are a long time touchAble user and want to support your developers, you may consider to buy touchAblePro_icon even twice!

touchAblePro_icon runs on iOS, Android and Windows 10.
You may use touchAblePro_icon on multiple touch-devices simultaneously without any problem, but the touchAblePro_icon app is platform-specific. If you want to use touchAblePro_icon on different platforms, you will need different touchAblePro_icon apps.
Unfortunately, none of the stores (iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store) allows discounts for crossgrading. Therefore you have to buy touchAblePro_icon for each platform you want to use it on ...

touchAblePro_icon works with Ableton Live 9 and 10, even with the Intro and the Lite versions.
The features of touchAblePro_icon may differ in dependence of the version of Ableton Live you use - some features of Live 10 just don't exist in Live 9, sorry.

You can run touchAblePro_icon on touch-devices with iOS, Android and Windows 10.
You can always connect your touchAblePro_icon, running on e.g. an iPad or Android device, with Ableton Live running on a Windows 7 system.
You can NOT run touchAblePro_icon on a touchscreen running Windows 7 due to limitation of Windows 7.

Please follow our new setup guides Mac-Setup-Guide or Win-Setup-Guide and make sure that Lives MIDI/Sync settings are setup exactly like in the pictures.
Most importantly: The input to the control surface changed from earlier versions of touchAble. Selecting the wrong script here creates those latency-problems.
After setting the scripts right you should be good to go again.

No, you don't!
First: You only need the drivers of iTunes if you want to connect an iOS device via USB to your Windows-PC.
Second: Even then you don't have to install the complete iTunes, you only need some iOS-drivers. Please follow this guide at Copytrans to install the drivers needed to connect touchAblePro_icon on your iPad/iPhone via USB to your computer.

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